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Welcome to The Heart

of Rockland
OUR resource linking you to the rich
history of Rockland, Massachusetts. 

We are committed to the preservation and promotion

of our collective historical significance.

This website provides ever expanding documentation

and portals to resources for everyone

wanting to find the heart of our community. 


HISTORY is the heart of our town,

Rockland has PLENTY of heart.

We are ALL part of the present.

When we LOOK into history,

We dont just exist here,

We LIVE here. 

Find Rockland's historic HEART, 

hints, clues & guides are     EVERYWHERE.   

Street signs, buildings, parks, woodlands

are MONUMENTS to the past

and paths into our future.   

Along your way and where you live

are the varied and complex STORIES

that make the story of Rockland.​

 CONNECT with Rockland history,

it becomes COMMUNITY,

 you BELONG and are woven in with the lives of people, present and past.   

Ever WONDER who lived in your house? 

Find out here and connect to the

people, events and places

that are your community. 

This is the starting point to LEARN,

share and RISE together

in our collective history.





Do You Ever Wonder About The People Who Lived In Your House
100 Years Ago?


EXPLORE thousands of archives, stacks of FACTS and trails of RECORDS through our Pathways


We offer you select collections and links to State, Civic, Municipal and Social Records; snapshots of everyday life from c. 1629 to present.

Did you know Massachusetts offers comprehensive and accessible images in the U.S. of Births, Deaths and every instance in between?

All digitized and available to view 24/7 ONLINE. 

We update LINKS with connections to other Historical Groups, Library based Historians and any sites that ILLUMINATE Rockland's history.   







Become a Friend of to be included in any news or events destined to make recorded History.


An unknown salesman for a wholesale house visited Rockland and was so favorably impressed with its general beauty that he was inspired to write this poem which appeared in The Independent newspaper.


Oh Rockland! Rockland !

Solid as thy name;

Truly thou art grand,

History gives thee fame.

Heaven's border-land could not be

Fairer than art thou;

Far into eternity,

Thy fragrant breezes blow,

Thy lands fill my soul with love For thee O Rockland, I look above Gazing that way through thee,

A glimmer of heaven's lights I see.

The greeling of thy pleasant face,

Fully does my soul embrace

Thy hand so welcomely extended, With my heart is truly blended.

Wherein can love be found On earth, if not in thee.

Surely thy sweet notes resound,

Filling me with thy majesty.

Thy flowers, thy birds, they tell to me Silent words of love for thee.

Oh, Rockland, may my eternity

Give to me thy purity.

Should even Satan see thy land,

Me thinks 'twould be his first command

To the many in his band,

To gaze at good old Rockland.




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