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An unknown salesman for a wholesale house visited Rockland and was so favorably impressed with its general beauty that he was inspired to write this poem which appeared in The Independent newspaper.


Oh Rockland! Rockland !

Solid as thy name;

Truly thou art grand,

History gives thee fame.

Heaven's border-land could not be

Fairer than art thou;

Far into eternity,

Thy fragrant breezes blow,

Thy lands fill my soul with love For thee O Rockland, I look above Gazing that way through thee,

A glimmer of heaven's lights I see.

The greeling of thy pleasant face,

Fully does my soul embrace

Thy hand so welcomely extended, With my heart is truly blended.

Wherein can love be found On earth, if not in thee.

Surely thy sweet notes resound,

Filling me with thy majesty.

Thy flowers, thy birds, they tell to me Silent words of love for thee.

Oh, Rockland, may my eternity

Give to me thy purity.

Should even Satan see thy land,

Me thinks 'twould be his first command

To the many in his band,

To gaze at good old Rockland.




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